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Moving home checklist

Things to do a few weeks before your moving day

  • Email our office to confirm the removal date and send off the removal confirmation and payment
  • Arrange packing materials and pet carriers
  • Start to run down food especially that in the freezer – if fridge’s and freezers are to be stored – they must be emptied and defrosted
  • Arrange to have the electric and gas meters read on the removal day
  • Arrange telephone number changes – call diversions and final billing with the telephone company
  • Notify the post-office to redirect your mail
  • Arrange baby and pet sitter – children, animals and removals don’t mix!
  • Arrange cleaning of rugs, carpets and curtains (if required)
  • Arrange disconnection and reconnection of appliance (particularly gas appliance and electric cookers which require specialist personnel)
  • For those moving out of the area, try asking the current tenants of the property you are moving in to for a recommended plumber, electrician, etc. and possibly a local phone book
  • Book any accommodation (if applicable)
  • Place orders or make decisions for any new appliances or furnishings (such as carpets) which you will require in your new home
  • Find all of the guarantees and associated instructions for all appliances to be left – put to one side to avoid packing
  • Write instructions for hot water and heating systems – put with guarantees above as instructions for the new owner


Things to do a few days before moving home – people to inform

AccountantMotoring organisations
Bank & Building societyNewsagents
Catalogues Child benefitPost Office
Council TaxPremium bonds
Credit/Sore cardProfessional advisors
Doctor (old and new)Rental companies (TV’s etc.)
Dentist (old and new)Schools (old & new)
DHSSService suppliers (Gas, Electricity, phone etc.)
Hire Purchase CompaniesTradesmen
HospitalTax authorities
Insurers (home, motor etc.)Town Hall
MilkmanSKY, cable TV etc.



    Our North London moving house teams are fully equipped with advanced tools, trolleys and dollies. Removal blankets provide protection to your items of furniture during the moving process when our men load the van.


    Our professional packers will carefully pack all of your belongings into the right sized boxes and mark them with the contents for easy unpacking.


    Storage units are available in North London and they are popular with our domestic and commercial customers who need them prior to planning a move or after a move.

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