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Removal porters moving large furniture

Time to declutter?

American scientists have discovered that for some women, having too much clutter can cause the body to produce higher levels of diurnal cortisol, the hormone associated with stress and anxiety. So for some, having a good clear out is a health benefit. Even if your clutter doesn’t stress you out, minimising how much you have is cathartic at any time. However, when you’re moving house, it’s clearly advantageous – not only will your home look more attractive to buyers, depending on how much clutter you get rid of, it could even reduce removal costs!

The internet is full of advice about how to declutter, and people have even written books on the subject (though ironically, buying books will only add to your clutter), but it’s really quite a simple process, i.e. just get rid of it!

Is it time you had a good clear out and sell your second hand furniture?

Thanks to the internet and the current enthusiasm for ‘vintage’, the second-hand market is big business. If you’re prepared to make the effort, you could make yourself a bit of money at the same time as decluttering. Selling furniture,  books, CDs, DVDs, games and clothes on websites like Gumtree, eBay or Amazon can be quite profitable, although you will have to do all the work – posting the details and photos on the website, then mailing the items as soon as they’re sold.

If you prefer doing less work, there are companies who’ll buy all your unwanted items from you in one go – just Google a simple search time such as ‘sell stuff online’ to find them.

Antique auctions and car boot sales

Antique auctions and car boot sales are the obvious places to take your unwanted furniture and other clutter to sell, although car boot sales do tend to be a summer sport, which isn’t helpful if you’re downsizing your possessions in the winter months. Whether you are buying or selling our professional, fully insured man with van service will help you move your furniture.

If you think you may have something valuable, then take it to a specialist, such as taking old books to an antiquarian bookseller registered on to see if it’s got any value.  

If you have any older style clothes, there may be a vintage clothes shop in your area that will buy them from you.

Give your clutter away to charity

Taking your clutter to charity shops is the easiest way of getting rid of it, but there are also local websites which enable you to give it to people who really want it – you may even find homes for odds and ends that you wouldn’t even think about giving to charity. Join your local Freegle group which is set up for the express purpose of matching new owners for your old things, or Streetlife which also acts as a forum for your local community.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little clutter you’ve got, if you’re moving in London, we will have the right sized removal van to take your furniture to your new home. Click here to get a quote.



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