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Specialist removals – pianos and large furniture

For a lot people, all you have to do is say the words “piano” and “removal” in the same sentence and the image of Laurel & Hardy struggling to carry a huge music box up a steep flight of steps springs to mind. Despite rattling back down the steps to the bottom a few times, the music box survives surprisingly intact – needless to say, this is not the way specialist removals companies will move pianos or large furniture!

Moving Pianos

Pianos are extremely heavy pieces of furniture to move. A small upright can weigh over 160kg, a baby ground around 230kg, a grand piano 455kg, and a concert grand can weigh as much as 590kg pounds and measure 2.7m wide. Usually, grand pianos have removable legs which removes a little bit of their bulk and makes it easier to get them through doorways and down corridors.

Older upright pianos can provide an additional problem because they may also be top-heavy. And as if size and weight aren’t awkward enough, a piano’s centre of gravity can vary, making it a very tricky object to move.

An additional problem is that, despite their weight and size, pianos are very susceptible to damage, especially the internal keys, hammers and strings, giving handlers the added problem of needing to take enormous care when moving them.

Professional piano removers will have all the knowledge and equipment necessary to move a piano safely and without causing injury. They will wrap the piano in protective blankets and use dollies and straps to help them negotiate steps; they also have the knowledge and manpower to lift the object up and down stairs as well as on to or off the removal van.

Their vans will also be kitted out with protective straps to keep the piano immobile and safe whilst being transported

Moving large items of furniture

Most extremely heavy items, such as a pool table, can be taken apart to make it (slightly) easier to transport them from one location to another. But bear in mind it is still a job for a number of stronger people to undertake together in order to avoid injury to themselves and damage to the object.  

Moving large furniture is similar to moving pianos in terms of the equipment and manpower needed to achieve it without damage, e.g. furniture dollies, straps, slider boards and protective blankets. Make sure you also have enough people to help, and that everyone is properly equipped themselves, with protective gloves and boots.

The first thing to do is reduce the weight of the item of furniture as much as possible by removing everything that’s been stored in it and, where appropriate, remove all the drawers, shelves and even doors if they’re easy to remove and replace. Then you can wrap it in protective blankets, and secure the straps you’ll be using.

Have someone directing the move to make sure everyone is working as efficiently as possible. If you’re moving the item up or down stairs, have the person directing stand at the top of the stairs so they get a good view.

For tall pieces of furniture, such as a filing cabinet, shelving unit or dresser, keep it at an angle and have one person carrying the top and the other person carrying the bottom which will both centre the weight and enable them to control it better.

And always make sure you lift all items safely to avoid injury.  


A specialist removal firm like Anglo Removals based in North London will supply experienced people who have been properly trained in the proper handling of pianos and moving large furniture. If you are moving pianos or large, heavy items of furniture, phone us for specialist removals advice and a quote on 0333 355 6942. We also offer ‘Man with Van’ hire in London area.



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