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Moving house before Christmas?

Moving house before Christmas?

If you’re moving rental accommodation or if you are buying a house or flat in London before Christmas please contact us as soon as possible as the months leading up to Christmas get especially busy and we recommend you reserve your moving date with us in advance.

Once you have appointed your conveyancing solicitor, who is managing the legal side of your home move, it is a good time to contact us for a home removals quote.

It gets dark early in the evenings from October running up to Christmas

Even though you’ll have less daylight in late autumn, Christmas and winter, you’ll still have the same amount of work to do! And as you’ll probably be moving in to your new house later in the afternoon when you start losing the light, do a recce before you begin to make sure the electricity’s on and all the lights are working … and are even still there – sadly you do hear stories about people who take all the light bulbs with them when they move, so make sure you don’t get caught out and end up having to move heavy furniture in the dark.

It’ll be cold nearer Christmas

Even though you’ll be working hard, everyone will appreciate having lots of hot drinks to keep them going. If it’s really cold, it’ll be a nice touch to have hot chocolate available too. Although moving house will be physically demanding and everyone will keep warm as long as they keep moving, as soon as you stop for a cuppa, you’ll cool down quickly. So don’t turn the heating off or do the final meter reading until you’re about to close the front door for the last time. And it’d be a good idea to get to the new house as early as possible to put the heat on there, especially if the building has been unoccupied for a while as it’ll take the chill off. And make sure the hot water’s on and working, so as soon as you’ve finished for the day you can relax in a lovely hot bath.

It’ll probably be wet as it always is when it’s least convenient especially during moving day in the UK!

If you’re lucky it won’t be raining, but at the very least it will probably be damp, and the last thing you want is for wet or muddy feet traipsing in and out of each respective house. Protect the carpets and floors by covering them with old sheets, blankets or flattened cardboard boxes. If it is raining, or the pathways and roads are very wet, ask the removal men to divide themselves into two, so one half work indoors, and the other half take the furniture or boxes from the front door to the van. This means the people with the wet boots won’t be coming inside all the time, reducing the possibility of getting the floors dirty.

It might even be icy and snowing before Christmas!

It doesn’t snow very often in England these days before Christmas (let’s hope that’s not a case of ‘famous last words’), but there is a slim possibility that it might be icy or snow on your moving day. If cold weather is forecast, you will need to take extra precautions in order to stay safe.

  • Salt your paths and driveway the night before
  • If it snows overnight, clear the pathway from the front door to the removal van and salt it – keep checking it throughout the day to make sure it doesn’t get slippery
  • Keep shovels, brooms and salt available in your car so you know where they are when you need them (and nobody will ‘helpfully’ move them)
  • Keep old blankets, flattened cardboard etc in the car so you can put them down to protect your new floors and carpets as soon as you get to the new house
  • Get to the new house in advance of the removal van and make sure the pathways are clear and safe to use

Contact us for a home removals quote which includes packing and removal, so you can put your feet up somewhere dry and cosy whilst we do all the work!


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