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Removal porters packing mattress

Man with van to help move furniture

If you’re moving furniture yourself, it doesn’t matter what shape or size of the item you want to move, you must make sure you handle it properly to avoid the possibility of giving yourself a bad back.

So whatever you’re lifting, make sure you do it safely which involves:

  • placing your feet apart with one foot slightly forward to ensure stability
  • keeping the item as close to your body as possible to take the strain off your back
  • bending at the knees when you pick up and put down the item which will lessen the strain on your back
  • walking slowly in a straight line without twisting your body
  • not lifting anything you can’t safely manage

If at all possible, use lifting equipment such as furniture sliders, lifting straps and furniture trolleys which you can hire from specialist companies.

Moving wardrobes, tables, beds and other large heavy objects

As wardrobes are usually large and heavy objects, ask someone to help you lift and move it. Begin by removing everything from inside the wardrobe, including drawers and other removable fittings. If you can dismantle the wardrobe itself, it will be a lot easier to move. And cover it in blankets to protect it from knocks and bumps. Before you begin lifting and moving, work out the best route to get it from A to B and agree it with the people who are helping you which should speed up the process.

When you pick it up, make sure the weight is evenly distributed between the people carrying it, and that one person is carrying it at the bottom and the other at the top which helps to centre the weight affording you greater control. When you’re putting it back down, make sure you lower each side of the wardrobe separately and slowly to avoid the possibility of trapping your fingers underneath.

Moving sofas

The sofa is also a two-man job. When trying to manoeuvre it through the doorway, upend it and ‘hook’ it around the frame. If the sofa is taller than the doorway, tip it slightly with the top furthest away from the door frame. If your sofa has feet, it’s better to remove them before you begin which will make it easier to get it through the door.

Hire a man with a van to help you move furniture in London!

If you don’t fancy going to all that effort, or you need to move something more valuable than a second-hand wardrobe, pay a specialist removals company to do it! Hiring a Man with a Van ( with two professional removal men) makes sense not only from the point-of-view of not having to do the heavy work yourself, a professional will make short work of it and also be fully insured against accidental damage.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional Man with a Van in London, click here to get a quote.


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