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Guide for moving house in summer during a heatwave  

Despite the best efforts of the Met Office, it’s still difficult to predict when we’re going to get a heatwave. And when Britain does get to enjoy the blazing sunshine, we all suffer because we’re too hot! So when you’re moving home in North London, it’s impossible to pick and choose a date that’s going to be cooler than any other. So if a heatwave coincides with your moving date, all you can do is manage it on the day. Here’s our removals guide for moving house in summer, during a heatwave.

Get up with the larks

If you’re moving house in the summer, book the van as early as possible to take advantage of the cooler part of the day. It’ll also give you longer at the other end when you want to start unpacking.


Make sure you’ve got lots of water available – keep a few bottles in a cool box if you have to turn the fridge off. There’s plenty of debate about whether or not hot drinks will help keep you cool, but drinking liquid – hot or cold – will help you stay hydrated, so if you want one, make one!

Eat healthily to keep up energy levels

Carrying all those heavy packed moving boxes will help you work up a healthy appetite so have plenty of healthy food at hand to keep up the energy levels and prevent you nipping to the shops and filling up on junk. Nuts, bananas and dried fruits are great snack foods to help you fill a gap; and make lots of sandwiches for a quick and satisfying lunch.

Look after the pets too

Make sure your pets are kept out of the way in the coolest, shadiest area you can find. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get too hot, and that they’ve always got plenty of water to drink. It might be an idea to freeze bottles of water beforehand and put them near to your animal/s to try and keep them cool. And remember, they’re going to be upset by all the comings and goings anyway, so reassure them as much as possible.

Wear loose clothing

As you’ll be doing a lot of physical activity, wear light, loose clothing. A loose T-shirt and jogging bottoms or leggings will be the most comfortable – forget what it looks like, you need to dress for practicality not fashion! And make sure you wear proper shoes, not sandals or flip flops – the likelihood is that you’re going to drop something, possibly on your own foot, and if it’s not protected it’s going to hurt even more!

Sun protection

Make sure exposed skin is protected with sunscreen. If you can bear to wear a brimmed hat so much the better as it’ll shade your face and neck from the power and heat of the sun.

Change of clothes

Throughout the day, you’re going to get very hot and sweaty. So make sure you’ve got a change of clothes accessible so you can change if you need to. Keep a towel handy too in case you get the chance to grab a quick shower.

Cool the new place down

The first thing you should do when you arrive at your new house is open all the windows and doors to get as much fresh air as possible breezing through.

Get someone else to do all the removal work!

The overall rule about coping in a heatwave is to be sensible and stay as cool as possible! If you don’t fancy taking your chances of having to move house when it’s blisteringly hot, the most sensible thing to do is employ removals professionals who’ll take the heat off and help you keep your cool.


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